Diagnostics (Ping and Trace) on the router netis

Настройка роутера Netis

On this page there are diagnostic tools Ping and Trace on the router netis.


Diagnostic Tools (Pinging and Tracing) let you check the connectivity of the network elements.

Select the tab “System” – sub-tab “Diagnostics” on the left side.

Diagnostics (Ping and Trace) on the router netis

On this page there are diagnostic tools Ping and Trace on the router netis.

Diagnostic Tool – tick the appropriate box to select the tool:

  • Pinging – This tool will diagnose connectivity problems, availability and resolution of the name for a particular node or gateway using a mandatory echo request datagram firewall control message protocol (ICMP) echo for a response from the network node, or gateway. You can use this tool to check both the IP-addresses and domain names. If the result for the IP-address positive and negative for the domain name, it is possible that there is a problem with name resolution. In this case, you must ensure that the specified domain name can be accessed via the DNS-request.
  • Tracing – This diagnostic tool determines the route to a particular node by sending echo requests protocol gateway control messages (ICMP) with different values of the Time to Live (TTL). Each gateway on this route should reduce TTL value in the IP-packet is not less than 1, before it is forwarded on. In fact, TTL value indicates the maximum number of links. When this value reaches 0, the gateway to the router must send a response signal for timeout ICMP Time Exceeded. Trace function determines the route by sending the first echo with a TTL of 1 and then increase the value by 1 after each subsequent redirect to, as long as the destination node does not send a response or until the maximum number of steps. By default, the maximum number of steps is equal to 20; This value can be set in the “Trace Max TTL» field. The path is determined by analyzing the ICMP Time Exceeded messages that were returned by intermediate gateways and the Echo Reply messages received from the destination node. However, some gateways do not return messages timeout Time Exceeded if packets with expired TTL values and are invisible to the trace function. In this case, a series of asterisks (*) will be displayed for the step.
  • IP Address / Domain Name – Specify the IP-address or domain name of the resource, the connection to which you want to check.
  • Counter Ping – Displays the number of messages sent to the echo request. The default value is 4.
  • Ping-Pack Size – Specifies the number of bytes of data to send. The default value is 64.
  • Ping Timeout – Standby time, in milliseconds. The default value is 800.
  • Tracing Max TTL – Specify the maximum number of steps (maximum TTL value) in the search for the end point (destination). The default value is 20.

Click the Start button to begin the diagnostic procedure.


  1. At the same time only one user can be used diagnostic tools.
  2. The “Counter Ping An”, “The size of Ping-pack” and “Ping An idle time” parameters are ping (Ping) function, and “Tracing Max TTL» – trace settings function.
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