WPS on the router Asus

Настройка роутера Asus

On this page, you can start the WPS function (Setting a secure Wi-Fi) on the router Asus.

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) This feature allows you to quickly add new devices to the network. If the new device supports setting function protected Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), and is equipped with the button for quick setup, you can add the device to the network by simply pressing the button on the device. Then, within two minutes, press the same button on the router. LED status light on the router will light up green and remain lit for five minutes if the device has been successfully added to the network. If the new device supports Protected Setup via Wi-Fi connection and using the PIN-code, then you can add it to the network by entered the PIN-Code.

Select the tab “Wireless” tab underneath “the WPS”.

Setting up a secure Wi-Fi router at Asus

Setting up a secure Wi-Fi router at Asus

  • Enable WPS – Here you can enable Yes (Enable) or off No (Disable) WPS function.
  • WPS Configure Status – you set up wireless security and connect the new connection status will be configured. You can press the Reset button when the status is not configured.
  • Reset – Restore the PIN-code values to the default values.
  •  PIN-code access point (AP PIN Code) – Displays the current device PIN-Code. The default PIN-code can be found on the label on the package or in the user guide.
  • Customer PIN-code (Client PIN Code) – Enter the eight-digit number as a PIN-code and click Connect, to add a new device to the existing network manually. .
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